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ACM Mechanical Services Ltd perform power flushing in Leicester and throughout the surrounding areas

ACM Mechanical Services Ltd are recognized as a leading local firm for power flushing in Leicester and throughout the surrounding areas.  If your central heating system is delivering poor performance, yet your boiler is seemingly fine, it could be that your central heating system requires a power flush.

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Our Power Flushing Process

Power flushing is a time consuming task when done properly. One of our specialist machines is connected to the central heating system and cleaning solution is added. Each radiator is individually flushed to remove years of metal oxides, gunk and sludge. An average house would have 8-10 radiators, the process is likely to take 4.5-5.5 hours for this size job. Once the radiators have been cleaned we run a corrosion inhibitor through the central heating system. This ensures that when metal oxides build up in the future your radiators are protected from pinholing. We would often pop out to survey the job before we arrange a start time. If you have a large property with many radiators this is not a problem.

The Benefits of Power Flushing Explained

There are many benefits to having a your central heating system cleaned and it’s definitely worth considering if you are suffering cold spots in your radiators and continuously bleeding them. What many people don’t understand is that it not only costs more money to run a clogged up heating system as your boiler is working extra hard, but also the build up of metal oxides in the sludge damages your boiler. This can lead to pitting in the heat exchanger resulting in a lesser lifespan of your boiler and can also cause pinholing in your radiators. Having your central heating system professionally cleaned and then having a magna cleaning valve fitted will get rid of these issues permanently.

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